Cultivate a healthy yoga practice

through alignment and

full body stretching.

Welcome to Alignment for Awesomeness.

Why Alignment for Awesomeness? Well, when you are aligned (whether that is physically, mentally or vibrationally) you feel AWESOME, simple as that!

You see, for me yoga is not about the poses themselves, but about finding that overall harmony, balance and inner peace to be able to live a happy and fruitful life. In fact, my personal mantra is: ‘Live in alignment with your authentic self’.

At Alignment for Awesomeness my vision is to help my students cultivate a healthy home yoga practice through alignment, mindfulness and full body stretching.

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About me.

Unhappy and unfulfilled, I gave up my career as an Events Manager and left the London rat race behind in exchange for the peace and tranquillity of Nicaragua's most magical volcanic island.

Yoga. Meditation. Inner Exploration.

For me yoga goes WAY beyond just the physical practice. Yes it’s true, when you build strength, flexibility and balance you feel so much better in your own body, you move with ease like a well-oiled machine.
BUT the physical element is NOT everything.

Yoga is as much about increasing awareness of your body and mind, as it is about mastering the asanas (poses). Through yogic philosophy you learn how to become the best version of yourself, how to tap into your true authentic self and how to just BE. Yoga and Meditation have helped me tremendously in my own personal journey, and my wish is to share my learnings with others because I truly believe in their value.

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