Ask and it is Given.

I recently read ‘Ask and it is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires’ by Esther and Jerry Hicks. And WOW. What an amazing book.

It talks about how we are all vibrational beings and how what you ask for is always given to you, as long as you ALLOW IT (but that’s the tricky part).

How many times have you thought “Oh I’m really strapped for cash, I wish I earnt more money”. Well, instead of vibrating abundance, what you’re ACTUALLY vibrating is LACK. Therefore, your desire and your vibrations are not aligned, and so your financial struggles continue.

The other day I was speaking with a friend who recently read the book, and he told me a story that proves the IMMENSE power of this book. I want to share it with you.

So my friend decides to cycle up to Hampstead Heath (big park in London), he locks up his bike and goes for a leisurely stroll around the park. When he returns to his bike, he realises he’s lost his key. He retraces his steps in search for his key, but it’s getting late, the sun is going down, and the park is HUGE.

After a while he starts to lose hope. His mind starts racing: “I’m never going to find this key, what’s the point, I might as well give up”. But then, HE REMEMBERS THE BOOK! And he says to himself “No! I want to find my key. I will find this key. It is possible.”. And guess what happened?! Well he found the key. No joke. True story.

Read the book. It may just open your eyes to the fact that the Universe has your back, and everything you ask for WILL be given to you as long as you ALLOW IT (and I repeat, the asking part is easy, it’s the allowing part we need to work on😉).

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