The NEED to feel productive.

Some days I really don’t feel like doing anything BUT I force myself to work my way through my to do list, because I NEED to be productive, right? But my heart’s really not in it and boy does it show. What happens is I end up going round and round in circles and wasting the whole day. Then I beat myself up about it because I haven’t done anything constructive (in my opinion). Can anyone relate?

The other day I was sat in a café with Math, moaning about how I felt unmotivated, uninspired, and unproductive. I asked him to proof-read a post I’d just written, and he basically told me it sucked hahaha (he’s brutally honest like that). He says, “Jamie, get up and go for a walk. Don’t bring anything with you, not even your phone”.

So off I go. And OMG did it help boost my mood! I actually had a bit of a moment. It was such a beautiful sunny day, I’m in a magical colonial town in Mexico, I’m not in lockdown, and I’m doing what I love. Life is pretty damn good.

I’m realising that when you’re having ONE OF THOSE DAYS, just take TIME OUT. Step away. Go for a walk. Watch a movie. Do WHATEVER you FEEL like doing. You’ll be so much more productive the next day, I tell you. You see, forcing yourself to be productive when your heart’s not in it is paradoxically UNPRODUCTIVE because you won’t produce quality work.

It’s ok to have off days, we all have them 😉

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